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Clear Aligner Therapy in Fallbrook, CA

Clear Aligner Therapy in Fallbrook, CA

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligners, also known simply as clear braces, are orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth. They’re an alternative to conventional metal braces, which use brackets and wires to gently straighten the teeth. Instead, clear aligners are composed of a series of clear plastic trays called aligners. At Fallbrook Dental Care, each aligner is custom-made to fit over your teeth. 

How Clear Aligners Works

Clear aligners are a series of clear, medical-grade plastic trays that fit over the patient’s teeth. The trays are custom-shaped to each patient’s teeth, and each one is worn for a few weeks at a time. Each clear aligner tray incrementally moves the teeth closer to their final, correct positions.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Clear Aligner?

Clear aligners are a great way to straighten teeth discreetly, but there are some cases when traditional braces are the better option. Here are some things to consider when deciding if clear aligner treatment is right for your smile.

Clear aligner treatment is best for people who have mild to moderate misalignment in their teeth. If you have severe misalignment, you will likely need traditional braces.

Clear aligner treatment is discreet, making it a good option for adults. Traditional braces can cause problems for adults because they can be uncomfortable and can cause problems with speech.

Benefits of Clear Aligner Therapy

Treatment Process

Clear aligners are prescribed based on your dentist’s assessment of your oral health. Your dentist will first assess your teeth and gums and take x-rays, and scans of your teeth. Your dentist will then create a treatment plan based on your needs.

Fewer Office Visits

Because clear aligners can be fabricated from digital scans, they can often be fabricated sooner than traditional braces. This can mean fewer visits to the dentist’s office.

Faster Treatment Process

Clear aligners are removable trays that straighten the teeth gradually without impacting your appearance. You change your aligner trays every two weeks to gradually shift your teeth to where they need to be.

More Comfortable Treatment Process

Clear aligners offer several advantages, including an extremely comfortable treatment process. Unlike traditional braces, you do not need to have wires tightened or brackets replaced. Instead, you simply switch to a new aligner tray as your teeth continue to move.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Some patients struggle to maintain good oral health with traditional braces. It can be difficult to clean around metal brackets and between teeth. However, wearing clear aligners doesn’t interfere with oral hygiene. They are removable, allowing patients to easily clean their teeth and aligners.

Reduced Risk of Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Aside from straightening teeth, clear aligners can also help protect teeth from decay and gum disease. They are removed for eating, so patients aren’t able to put sugar-laden or acidic foods in their mouths. This helps to prevent decay and bacteria in the mouth.

Better Speech

Untreated malocclusion can cause speech impediments. This happens when the upper teeth are misaligned with the lower teeth, causing one or both sides of the mouth to be compromised. When an aligner is used, the patient’s speech is improved when the occlusion is correct.

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