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Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide in Fallbrook, CA

Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide in Fallbrook, CA

Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide

At Fallbrook Dental Care, Oral conscious sedation may be an option for patients who are especially fearful of dental treatment. They may have dental anxiety, or they may have very sensitive teeth. Oral conscious sedation helps these patients relax.

Nitrous oxide is another option for dental sedation. It is a mild sedative gas that patients breathe in through their noses. It can make patients feel very relaxed during their dental procedure.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation is a medication-induced state of consciousness that maximizes the benefits of local anesthesia. Patients who choose oral conscious sedation must have healthy gums and enough bone to hold a dental implant.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a very safe sedative agent. It works by relaxing the patient’s gag reflex. This makes it much easier for patients to sit still in the dental chair and receive treatment. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen, so patients can breathe in the mixture through their noses. The gas takes effect almost immediately. Once the sedative takes effect, the patient will begin to feel calm and relaxed.

Advantages of Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide

Minimally Invasive

Oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide are minimally invasive ways to treat dental anxiety. Both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide are administered through inhalation and don’t require the use of needles as injections do. Oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide also don’t require the cutting of tissue or sutures, and the recovery time is minimal.

No Gag Reflex

IV sedation allows you to stay awake during your appointment so you can answer questions and follow instructions. IV sedation is a quicker-acting sedative than oral conscious sedation, so you won’t need as long of a recovery time. However, because the effects of IV sedation are immediate, you’ll need to have a driver take you home.

No Nausea or Vomiting

Oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide both provide a sense of calm and relaxation for patients who are dealing with dental anxiety. However, oral conscious sedation medication provides a deeper level of relaxation. Patients are unlikely to experience nausea or vomiting – which can sometimes occur with nitrous oxide.

Safe and Very Effective

Oral sedation and nitrous oxide provide different benefits, but they can be equally effective.

With oral sedation, the patient takes a small pill before the procedure. The pill goes to work immediately and can last for up to six hours. The patient is calm and relaxed. Because the medication is taken before the procedure, it helps the patient overcome any anxiety.

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled. The patient can breathe normally and at their own pace. This gas helps the patient relax to the point where they almost fall asleep. The patient is then still able to communicate with the dentist during their appointment.

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